Thursday, December 29, 2011


Mom's pre-birthday lunch at Mercato Cetrale 

We went at Mercato Centrale to celebrate my mom's pre-birthday lunch. It was a good choice. Well, I didn't know this place not until I watched and saw Kris Aquino visited this place on her morning show. A new place to visit wherein they cater different delicacies with superb quality in a very low price! Every food here comes from different places in the Philippines and I guarantee you that the foods have unique ingredient, style and taste. I wish I can eat more. Anyway, it wouldn't be the last because I'll make sure to come back and experience another amazing delicacies they offer. Let me share to you some of the pictures we had. 

Have you ever tried Racks Baby Ribs? Well, this one was so good with a low price compared to Racks. I love the taste and the sauce of this Baby Ribs. Not only that, it's super tender that makes it easy to eat. I can even cut it using a plastic spoon. How good was that? Superb!

That's my sister which was enjoying her food so much. Another food we ordered was the shrimp balls with crabs. It tasted so delicious and I don't think it was a waste of money at all compared to expensive restaurants which are way too pricey. I love this delicacy because you can really taste the shrimp and crab. I wanted to eat more but my stomach was so full and it couldn't digest the foods that I kept on eating. By the way, almost every food in Mercato will cost you 100 pesos. 

My father ordered "ginataang malunggay" and I just can't remember what fish was in his ginataan but it was really good. I know I keep repeating the word "good" so forgive me because that's the best description I can say for every menu that we tasted. I'm a food lover! (",)

Of course, this food trip will not be complete if we didn't tried the famous specialty of Ilocanos - they called it "Bagnet". We tried "bagnet" and now I know why most people crave for it. It was delicious!

If you want to bring home some glutinous rice just go back inside the tent and there were sellers that cater it. They gave us free taste for each kind of glutinous rice. I can't say much but if you really want something different, go to Mercato and experience the superb quality of their foods. Until my next food trip. Ciao!

~ Have a great day! Cheers! ~
- Liz Lagasca -


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