Monday, February 3, 2014


January 25-26, 2014

Cuenca, Batangas

Mt. Maculot was my first climb for this year. I met new peeps again and I'm thankful for another day. The view from the top was really awesome. It was drop dead gorgeous! I'm thankful for the invites that comes along the way. As long as I have money, I tried as much as I can to accommodate those invites because I knew that it will only come once. I don't want to miss an opportunity wherein I can sit, enjoy and relax. 

We trekked for about 2 hours to reach the summit. Jonah was our guide going to summit. The air was cold so we didn't sweat much. The trail was a bit steep and we need to exert effort to push our body and movement going to top. There were lots of stop over we did and it reminded me of Mt. Daguldol since there were lots of buko vendors as well as halo-halo. Thumbs up to that! 

From left to right: Macel, Sherwin, Larae (hiding), Grace, Me and Jhade

From left to right: Me, Jonah ("first lady") and Joel

It was fun to climb without sweating a lot. I don't feel the heat from the sun because the trail had a lot of trees which covered the sunlight. Good thing that a lot of trees were there to cover us from the heat of the sun. 

Someone asked me before if I prefer day hike or overnight whenever I climbed. I prefer overnight rather than day hike. Why? Because you get a lot of time to spend with climb buddies unlike in day hike. You get a chance to know them better and mingle with them. Like what they used to say, "you'll never know them unless you live with them". So that's the main reason why I like overnight camping or get-away.

We were surprised that we only have one butane so Herry suggested to make sure we cook first the rice before anything else. I was full because we had a good dinner and we're really thankful to Sir Herry, Sir Alps and Macel for a delightful meal. 

I never expected that it was really cold at the summit - "tagos sa buto ang lamig", every time the wind blows, I can feel that my whole body was shivering. I already wore three shirts plus my malong to cover my upper body but still it was so cold. At that time, it made me wish that I'm wearing an omni-heat sweater. I knew it will be cold but I'm half crazy I guess for not bringing a jacket. Lesson learned again. 

Our breakfast was cooked by our certified chefs

After our breakfast, we ready ourselves for our most awaited pictorials. We wanted to see the top view so each of us brought a camera to make sure we covered our unforgettable climb at Mt. Maculot. Below were the pictures we had going to summit as well as the view of Taal lake. 

Charlie's angels in action!

 Heart shape formation (wacky pose) 
From left to right: Jonah, Herry, Macel, Larae, Grace, Sherwin and Joel
L-R (below): Len Mark, Jhade, and Me

Grace being close to nature as she quoted on her Facebook

The wind was really blowing hard and it even whistled in different ways that I've never heard before. I knew I'm lucky that day because I'm able to feel, hear, and see these wonderful creation.There's so much things that I have to be thankful for. I may not have a lot but I have these kind of memories I can cherish with. 

After our almost 3 hours pictorial, we went back to our camp but since we need to hydrate ourselves, we bought soda nearby. This was the first time I saw a store selling at the summit. They called it "7-11". The price of the goods were doubled or tripled. But it was worth buying. It refreshed us a lot! 

A whole new experience again. I had so much fun and I hope this will come again. Before leaving Mt. Maculot, we tried their halo-halo and our farewell group pose and hoping to come back again. 


I'm working on ten climbs for this year. Hoping I can reach my goal. AJA!

"You only live once so seize the day ... "



  1. ~ hi dearie! oh my, u're so tough for climbing there without bringing your jacket! the last time i climbed without bringing a jacket was in mt. banoy but it was summer and we slept by the beach. one thing's for sure liz. u're astig! kung walang jacket, ok din kung may sleeping bag. un nga mali ko lastym nde ko nadala ung sleeping bag ko so mlamig pg matutulog s gabi. ganun pla kaimportante un jacket at sleeping bag. other way is to make that big plastic ur blanket. nkkadagdag cover din un. see ya around! :) - chrissy

    1. thank you ate ganda chrissy! :3 :D i'll prepare talaga sa Mt. Pulag climb. sana makasama ka namin next time :)


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