Sunday, October 13, 2013


August 18-19, 2012
(MSIE-GLP team building)

Laiya, Batangas is known for its wonderful beaches that's why there are lots of beach resort accommodations that you can choose from for a summer get-away. This was my second time going to Laiya, Batangas. The first one was in Sigayan Bay beach resort where we had our Critical team building.

There were lots of activities they organized to keep us all engaged as well as to get to know one another. They also rented a couple of huts and a buffet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm thankful that I've met Anna and Queenie. They are really wonderful friends and until now they still are my precious gifts.

Those were the huts that our company rented.

There's also a large swimming pool in case you opt not to swim at the beach.

That's me and Anna. Pretty good bench to sit and relax.

We really enjoyed the sun, powdery fine beach sand, and the salty water. I noticed that the water was so calm especially at night. Also, I'm thankful that the water was shallow since I don't know how to swim. We decided to swim past 12:00 am. At first, I thought that the water would be cold since it was late at night. But, it wasn't. The water was warm and calm. If only we had a lot of sleep then we could have stayed longer. It was past 3:00 am when we all decided to go to sleep. I'm thankful that we're included in this event. Ciao!
 - Liz Lagasca 

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