Sunday, October 6, 2013

SAGADA ADVENTURE PART ii.a - Pong-as Falls, Lumiang & Sumaguing Caves (Spelunking)

May 31 - June 3, 2013
(Day 2 - Pong-as falls, Lumiang & Sumaguing Cave)

Second part of my Sagada adventure was more on spelunking activities. I have to admit that I was scared and excited when they told me that we'll all be doing spelunking. It was my first time to do this kind of activity so I'm very thankful to Rosa and Eric for this wonderful opportunity. This was never easy for me since I'm short, I have to give extra effort to reach the rocks and climb up on the steep parts. But one thing is for sure, I'd love to go to this place again!

Pong-as falls + Lumiang-to-Sumaguing Cave
Before the spelunking activities, we decided to go to Pong-as falls first. So, our second day started with an hour hike going to Pong-as falls. I almost forgot to add the picture below. It should have been on the first part but let me add this one first.
(Paeng is showing the bigger picture of Sagada Map)
As you can see, the chart will show you the routes going to different places in Sagada. You have to register here first. Also, this is where we met our tour guide, Kuya Kirky, who had been very patient towards our shortcomings especially when we did our spelunking. We paid a registration fee of 30 pesos per head. After our registration, we rented a van that took us to the entrance of Pong-as falls.


(bridge to Pong-as falls)


You'll see the side view of Pong-as falls. We were getting exited as the view gets closer.

Below are the pictures we took at Pong-as falls. It was captivating!!! The first word that came out to our mouths was "WOW"!!! We really have to thank God for this wonderful creation he did for us. Until now, I'm still mesmerized when I think of Sagada. For now, this was the best adventure I had.  

 I got some of these pictures from Rosa. I have to track again her album to get it.

Below are the pictures we took before we climbed at the falls. I didn't put captions on the pictures because the picture it self is really beautiful and even without words, I'm sure you'll be able to appreciate it. 


I have to admit that it was so tiring because of the hot weather but when we finally arrived, all we want is to enjoy the fresh water and amazing view of Pong-as falls. After that, we decided to take our lunch first and prepare for our  spelunking adventure. Apology if I have to put our spelunking adventure to a new page because there are lots of pictures I want to post.

 - Liz Lagasca

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