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May 11, 2012


I never thought I'd be able to see this lovely place. My mom lived in Pangasinan when she was young. We often visit my grandfather whenever we have a chance. It's always been on my plan to check Hundred Islands unfortunately, I haven't got enough savings during that time. Pangasinan contains a lot of tourist spots. One of the tourist attraction is Hundred Islands. I have to say that opportunity comes in unexpected moments so better grab it! I invited my Tita Dhel and Uncle Graham to try island hopping and they both agreed. I suggested that we should see the beautiful place called Hundred Islands. I made an itinerary for Hundred Islands. To be honest, I just copied it from another site that I visited before I came up on my own. 

If you want to go to Hundred Islands, just buy a ticket going to Alaminos, Pangasinan. Once you arrived in Alaminos city proper, look for a tricycle which will lead you to Brgy. Lucap. We had our lunch meal at the bayside of Brgy. Lucap. After our lunch, we found a place where we can stay. It was a bit expensive most likely because it has kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and one restroom. Anyway, you don't need to worry for the accommodations since there are plenty of rooms you can choose from. After we settled on our rooms, I decided to check at the bayside to book us for an island hopping. I asked my aunt to book us for an all-island-access unfortunately, due to weather and limited time, we only get a chance to visit around five islands. If we only arrived earlier, we could've visit and stayed more on each islands.

That's our boat leaving the bayside of Brgy. Lucap.

We left Lucap station and started our island hopping. I suggest that you have to do it earlier because we never had much time to see the other islands.  Basically, the waves became stronger around 5:00 pm that made it difficult for us to land safely on the other islands.

Governor's Island - I took a top view picture so you'll see how beautiful it was as a whole. Until now, by just looking at these pictures, makes me want to go back and check out the other islands.

Welcome to Governor's Island!!!

By the way, it's not only about riding a boat but you also need to hike to check out the more beautiful spot. That's my Uncle Graham with a big smile on his face. It was summer time so it's really hot. Just make sure you bring a bottle of water.

After we took pictures at the top, we checked out the cave. It wasn't really a cave like the ones in Sagada (Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves), wherein you can do spelunking.

Our next island was Marcos. Probably, the name of this island came from the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Anyway, before we even reached the Marcos Island, we saw the Cathedral Island. If you look closer, you'll see that the sunlight that pass through the rocks shines the tunnel that leads you inside the Cathedral. It was more like a place where the ancient God and Goddesses stayed in. Our guide told us that it's not possible to land into this island so I just took a  photo of it.

The island below is what they called as "the turtle island".

It's enticing to see the clear water. Almost all of us were excited to swim. Of course, our goggles and life vest ready for snorkeling. 

We're very thankful that our guide took us to the best place where we can really enjoy our island hopping. As you can see, my father was standing at our first snorkeling spot. There was a rope that will guide you to the second spot. Just make sure to hold them tight. You'll see the beautiful corals, fishes, and old vaults, etc. While doing this activity, it made me felt like I'm one of those characters in the movies that I watched. I think a lot especially when I'm nervous! Also, I don't know how to swim.

As promised, here comes Marcos Island ...

We had our swimming here so practically I was not able to capture pictures because we're all busy having fun. I observed that this island doesn't have much activities compared to Quezon Island. Quezon Island had lots of activities. I have to say that most of the attraction can be seen into this island so don't miss going here. Next to this island was Quezon.

Quezon Island -  I have to say that this was the most renovated island. Kayaking is available here. I'm not sure how much it was since we didn't rented a kayak.

That's my sister using her hands as a telescope. It was really hot.

Our last stop was Cuenco Island. At first, it made us think twice if we have to drop here because of how it looks outside and my mom was afraid that there were mosquitos that might cause dengue. Well, it's a safe place so you don't need to worry. It was just a small cave that will lead you at the backside of the island. 

Just a short cave experience ...

Apologies, if I just kept on posting our pictures without any captions. I can't say a lot but by just looking at the pictures, you'll know that this place is really beautiful. Priceless moments!

- Liz Lagasca -


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