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April 13-14, 2013


To all those peepz who are interested in doing adventurous activities, I indulge you to try mountaineering. This was not my first climb but it was my first time that I reached the summit. I enjoyed this activity because I knew I had accomplished something again. I proved once again that with difficulties comes happiness. It was an amazing experience to be able to reach the top! I took pictures of our trail going to summit as well as the shots we had early morning at the summit.  

We were advised that hiking will take approximately for two hours to reach the summit. It took us four hours of trekking because we all have to take a minute and buy fresh buko and halo-halo from the locals. It was really tiring probably because the temperature was humid. One good thing about this mountain was a good water source. Anyway, it only took us two and a half hours going down. 

Our trail going to Mt. Daguldol's summit.

You have to make sure to bring a cap. I noticed that there were lots of cliffs.

We stopped again to take a rest.

We were putting our headlamps on because the sunset was almost near so we have to make sure we're all prepared once the sun goes down. Don Chica lend us headlamps that we can use. I brought a flashlight but it was not convenient at all so next time I plan on bringing a headlamp.

After a very tiring trek. Don Chicka and Sadeck setup tents where we can all rest. We were like their little kids! They even cooked our foods! We really appreciate them for doing those things for us.

Finally, it's time to take our dinner. As far as I can remember, after the tents were setup, we took a nap and boom...all we have to do is to eat! Dinner's ready. We didn't even helped out. So at the bottom of our hearts we really appreciate our wonderful guides who not only setup our tents but also cooked our foods. As the saying goes, "walang hindi masarap sa taong gutom". Hey! That doesn't mean that the food was not delicious. For me, it was the most tasty and delicious "sinigang" of my life! Though, it looks like "nilaga" because they put in some bananas. :)

Even when we were all tired, we still managed to take pictures inside our tents. It was cold outside so we have to wear our jackets. One piece of advise, bring a "malong". I used it in changing my clothes as well as when nature calls. We had our "kulitan" moments on our tents. It's picture time! 

Top (left to right: Kat, Karen, Abby and Me)
Bottom (L-to-R: Karen and Me)

Summit wont be complete without our farewell jump shot. Jump high! 

Out cult pose. We do this on every summit that we climbed.

Hopefully this won't be the last. Salamat sa mga nakasama ko na sina Macel, Drew, Noel, Karen, Abby, Don Chica, Sandeck, Henry, Blanche, Ronnet, Joel, Jenny, Maku, Kat & Ann.

- Liz Lagasca -

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