Sunday, November 3, 2013

BAYUKBOK CAVE (Spelunking)

October 26 - 27, 2013

( SES Spelunking Experience )

SES fun climb event with spelunking experience

It's another fulfilling experience we had over the weekend. Good to have bonding time again with my friends. Hmm ... what can I say about our spelunking experience? It was great! We all had fun. I'm glad that Myra and Sir Carlos joined us as well as Pol and Mark. By the way, the picture above is the entrance of Bayukbok cave. The photo was taken by Xoy since he's the only one who's not in the picture. Thanks Xoy!

What I love about this cave is that I felt a bit safe compared to what I felt when we did our spelunking at Lumiang Cave, Sagada. Although, I struggled at the last part probably because I lost my grip at times and I'm a bit tired so I felt nervous when it came to the part where there were cliffs and slopes. 

Our first challenge was to rappel 12 feet below the ground. We were advised to lean back going down to avoid getting close to the boulders of rocks. I have to admire Paolo because he's acrophobic but he was able to do spelunking adventure. I have to admit that sometimes when I saw cliffs and slopes, I experience the state of being acrophobic. What I do when I encountered that kind of feeling was to think of happy thoughts. Now, that reminds me of Fabs who encouraged me to climb. He told me whenever I get the feeling of being tired walking and climbing was to think of all the happy thoughts and all will just went easy. And it did! 

Our first challenge that we all accomplished. Kat's turn to rappel. 

12 feet below the ground 

That's the first part that we did. I wish I have at least 3 days off LOL! Anyway, my weekend off was just enough for me to explore and live life with the best thing it can offer. I have to apologize cause I can't remember the sequence of which part comes in first and last but I'll show here all the challenges we had during our spelunking adventure. 

Fitting again into small holes just like the other caves. We all did it! 

I have the advantage of doing that. LOL. And I like it! Another part of our spelunking was to climb up the ladder rope. The challenging part was the mud on the ladder. It's slippery so you better hold tight. It's been an hour so most of us were also tired climbing up but it was really a worthy experience. 

Mark and Myra's turn to climb the ladder rope.

That's Kuya Carlos assisting us. Thank you Kuya!

Nice shot. A muddy Sunday for all of us!

"Team meeting sa loob ng cave. What's the plan guys?" 

The good thing when doing spelunking was watching each others back. And I like the feeling where each one of us care for each other and saying, "are you okay?", "let me help you", "hold my hand" , etc. Reminds me of "Bayanihan" though it's often used when calamity arise but I still felt that way. 

At the right side was a slope so Troy was trying to reach Karen to make sure she won't lose her balance. 

Another cliff to pass. Myra still able to put a lovely smile on her face. 

This was the part where I had a hard time. I kept on calling our guide but I know he's been busy helping out Pao so I have to do it on my own but I can't. Probably because I knew that I don't have enough balance so I felt that I might lost my grip. Good thing Kuya Carlos, Joel and Xoy were there to help me cross that part. Whew! My acrophobia was turned on right on that spot! 

The last part was to go down 8 feet below. Have to make sure not to lose your grip on the rope. On this part, 
me and Kat thank Joel for being a human ladder for us It's hard for us to lean back and at the same time use our legs to reach the other side so Joel just helped us crossing this part. That was cool. 

After our spelunking experience, it's time to pack up. But before leaving, another group picture at Sitio Madlum, Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan. 

L-R : Pol, Pao, Sherwin, Me, Ronnet, Troy, Karen, Mhai, Kat, Macel , & Mark.
L-R (sitting): Joel, Carlos, & Xoy.
- Liz Lagasca

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