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March 15-16, 2010
( Critical Team Building )

Another summer outing for our team. This was my first time going to Laiya, Batangas. I've heard about their wonderful beaches and good accommodations. It was surprising to see that the place was truly beautiful. There were plenty of activities we did. One of the activities that I enjoyed a lot was snorkeling. Our team took plenty of pictures as a remembrance our our Laiya trip.  

What I always enjoyed when it comes to beaches was the shallow water. In Laiya, you don't have to worry much if you don't know how to swim because the water is shallow and calm. You can just sit and relax for a couple of hours while enjoying the beautiful scenery of this beach. I'm happy that we had this event for our team. I'm thankful that our team lead, Ms Venus, decided to come here. 

There were plenty of boats you can rent for snorkeling activity. I forgot the rates since this was way back 2010. Dang. I also don't have itinerary for this one. We had our buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner here in Sigayan Bay Beach resort. The foods were awesome. We also had karaoke and played cards before each of us went to sleep.

Above is the picture of our room reservations. 

After our breakfast, we were ready for our snorkeling activity. Our guide took care of everything. As I can remember, I was then afraid but excited to jump into the water.  

Our pictures before leaving the shore.

We started our snorkeling! Really fun!

There were plenty of fishes we saw.

That's me. Jason was the one who took our solo pictures. 

It was really an amazing trip. I get to experience another thing in my life. I posted this on my blog because I want to make sure that I won't forget this wonderful trip that I had. 

Critical team from left  to right (standing): Kuya Boyet, Jen, Me,  Janine, John, TL Venus, Arn-Arn, Dianne, Sir JR, TL Ems, Karla, & Ela
Critical team from left  to right (sitting): Jason, Glenn, Ral & his girlfriend

- Liz Lagasca

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