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July 13-14, 2013

( Picnic Grove, Sky Ranch, People's Park in the Sky, Sonyas garden, Leslie's Bulalo )

Tagaytay is one of the tourist spot which I would have to say nearest to Manila. Instead of travelling more than four hours just for a weekend get-away, why not try Tagaytay. Nearest to Metro Manila that I'm sure you won't be needing too much money just to relax on your weekend. There are lots of places you can visit here. One of my favorite in Tagaytay is Picnic Grove. Next will have to be Sonyas garden. I'll show you the pictures  that we have taken when we visited Tagaytay.

We decided to put Picnic Grove on top of our itinerary. Here you can find the famous Tagaytay's zipline. Good thing that we put this as our first place in our itinerary since we still have energy to do activities like this. Karen is my ultimate partner when it comes to this kind of activities. I'm glad she's right next to me when we did this. We were screaming every time we reached the zip line's stop. You'll have an option if you like a round trip or one-way trip. Since it was our first zip line, we decided to do it round-trip. 

While they were putting our harness, we felt the excitement and nervousness. Karen even told me, "Liz are you ready". I answered her back, "Yes girl! We can do this!". When Kuya pulled us back, we already knew that we'll be released and that's the time that both of us are screaming each other's name. Both of us were scared while we were on the zip line but whenever we felt those moments, we just screamed to release the feeling that our safety might be at risk. But, we really enjoyed this zip line adventure. I remember what our tour guide said to us, "I'm born here but I never tried our very own zip line. It scares me". But, it was really scary and at the same time, it gives happiness. 

My adventure buddy. Thank God I found her!

Another place we visited was Sky Ranch. It's an amusement park. We paid 30 pesos/head for the entrance fee. I wish we tried their famous Ferris wheel unfortunately, we don't have much time and the line in the ticket booth was long.  It was the biggest Ferris wheel that I saw. This will be my next target once I come back in Tagaytay. 

There were lots of rides you can try here as well as horse back riding.

Next on our list was Peoples Park in the Sky. This place is like the deck view of a ship because you'll see the top view of Tagaytay. It felt like we were at a mountain's summit. I wish we brought some food so we can eat here. There were plenty of spots that you can have picnic at this place.  

A beautiful view from the top.

After this wonderful view we saw, we went to Sonyas garden. Our guide was not familiar to the place so we have to ask the locals where we can find it. I'm glad that we really stop by here because it was really a beautiful place. I highly recommend this place if you're going to visit Tagaytay. I love the way that this place was landscaped. The flooring was awesome. The gardening too was amusing. 

Please I encourage you to visit Sonyas garden. It will surely delight you when you see this place. We took a lot of pictures here because almost all parts of this place was truly created with art and beauty. 

That's Eric our ultimate get-away planner. 
Sometimes he forgets his own plans. So we just have to remind him especially when weekend is getting near. 

You can also find a good buffet meal inside Sonyas. I love the ambiance of this restaurant. It somehow looks like the Spanish period where Philippines was one of their colony. Also, this can be a good spot for weddings. 

Lastly, how can we ever miss the famous Leslie's bulalo. Tagaytay's Bulalo pride. It was definitely one good place to visit. By the way I made a separate blog for the Leslie's Bulalo so just check it out. You can find it under Food and Dine section or check the quick links for easier access. Until my next visit here. Ciao!

- Liz Lagasca

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