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Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2013

Province of Aklan

Boracay Island is a place that I'll never get tired of going back. Of all the beaches I have visited, I can say that Boracay is far the best of all. It was our Thanksgiving vacation to unleash stress and enjoy life. I can say that this place is like a haven for water activities. For 2014, I'm planning to visit it again.

The place had a lot of things that you can truly enjoy. I wish we had plenty of time to do those activities but we have limited time. Also, money matters so we just limit our activities based on our budget. 

I can't remember the sequence of our activities but we had ATV, flying fish, pub crawl, skycycle, snorkeling  and island hopping. The most extreme I had was the flying fish and the scariest was skycycle. I have to say that nature can bring the best out of you. 

Let me start on our flying fish activity. I really love doing extreme things though I'm the type of person who easily breaks. The thought of doing extreme things is to overcome my fear but in the end, fear still arise out of me. I only do extreme things when I'm with my friends because I know that they will push me to my limit. 

 I really look nervous! Go go go!

For those of you who wants extreme, don't ever miss this activity. I have to say that it was heart-pounding experience because I don't want to fall into the water. Me and Ewong only had three turns. Like I said, I easily break so it's already expected {smiling right now}. At least I tried to do it and that made me accomplished one thing. What I like about Drew is he never stop when he said "go". This friend of mine fears nothing. Maybe that's one of the reason why I like being around him. 

ATV was another activity we tried. I must say I often act like a boy. I like doing the things they do. Probably because I'm a daddy's girl. I have to admit that I'm really close to my father. Also, me and my sister love doing things that a guy does. Most of our cousins were boys so that maybe the reason why.

The course was not easy and with the help of our guide, me and Karen were able to survive. It was fun especially when the path was going down. I can't handle the break well so our guide was the one doing it for me. They were really nice. At the end of the course, we went to Ocean Tower where you can see the top view of Boracay Island. It was amazing! 

Left-to-Right: Irvin, Ron, Jed, Ewong, Xoy
Me and Karen
Drew (our photographer)

The activity that scares me to death was the skycycle. I thought it was easy like riding a bike. But it wasn't! We're at the front so whenever our bicycle got hit by the people at the back we tend to feel the pressure and it was a feeling that were falling out of the track. We're all screaming to death. As far as I remember, I can't stop myself from screaming and even Drew shouted "punyeta! tigil!". It was scary but we all had fun. We're all laughing, screaming and giggling. I felt like insanity was on me! I never knew that these feelings will be all at once. I'm so thankful that we tried skycycle!  

Me & Drew, Xoy & Ewong, Ron & Karen, Jed & Irvin

The most common activity that we usually do whenever we visit a beach is to try snorkeling. Our first attempt wasn't successful probably because the waves were stronger and low volume of fishes. The second spot was much better. There were lots of fishes and the waves are even better unlike the first spot. I have to confess that I don't know how to swim but I love water activities. 

I've never seen such beautiful fishes. There were of different colors and sizes. I wish I could touch them. I think our snorkeling lasted for about an hour. After this activity, we just wanted to eat again. Lucky me that my friends are all food lovers so I don't have problem when it comes to food! 

When it comes to bar hopping, the best was "Pubcrawl". At first, I was really psyche but on the last part I was wasted and just wanted to end the party. It was the time when I realized that bar hopping was not totally my thing. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I don't like bars but "bar hopping" - not my thing. I'd rather stick into one bar rather than going from one bar to another - it's just crazy! Good thing I have my friends to keep me company.

Lastly, our most favorite part was eating. We ate at Gerry's grill, Yellow cab, Bombom bar, etc. There were lots of restaurants you can choose along the beach bay. We chose Bombom bar because of the Filipino band singing timeless 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's songs.

One thing I have in my mind right now is to try other activities that I didn't do like helmet diving and parasailing.Those are the things I'd love to do this coming Thanksgiving. I'll make it happen! Enjoy and live life to the fullest! 

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