Thursday, December 29, 2011


August 20, 2011
from L-R: (Joy, Me, Joey, Janine & Dolf) 

As you can see, I posted some of my favorite shots among our 300+ pictures taken at Zoobic Safari located near Subic bay. I know that some of you will think that only kids will enjoy going into this kind of places but honestly, this one was the best thing I will reminisce. I'm glad to be with the persons I enjoyed spending time with.

It was my first time going to this place and I was so psyched. I kept on imagining what stuff will I see when we get there. Well, I can tell you that I'd love to see the tigers roaming around. I thought I will be scared to actually see them but frankly, I didn't. Probably, because I feel safe inside the jeepney while we were roaming around their sanctuary. I just hope that they won't attack us. One of our tour guide said that tigers tend to attack a person when they are sitting because they thought they are superior when it comes to height and they will think of you as a good prey however, when a person is standing, they think that the person is stronger than them because they feel inferior. But, I wouldn't try to stand right next to them. I still love my life.

Below are the pictures that we took at Zoobic Safari.

( activities inside the Zoobic Safari )

(time to check and see the lovely birds) 

( we were inside the jeepney while the tigers were roaming around outside )

( he's looking at us )

( we rode a mini-train that took us to different spots of Zoobic Safari )

( the little ones. we fed them a bottle of milk )

( our Subic bay pose )

Apologies if I have little captions. I'll try to add more once I have time to revise this blog.

- Liz Lagasca -


  1. Seems like a lot of fun :).
    Wish I could also be so close to a tiger one day !


  2. wow.nice pictures.i found u on chictopia following you on both follow back


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