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May 18 & 19, 2013


Beauty of Nagsasa Cove 

It was my second time going to these islands but for Nagsasa Cove, it was my first. We planned going to Anawangin for about a month and after a few challenges we were able to accomplish our final itinerary. For those people who want a detailed itinerary going to Zambales, I have it here. Below is our itinerary going to Iba, Zambales.

May 18 - 
9:00 am - ETD Victory Liner Cubao to Olonggapo (we were not able to make a reservation going to Iba so we took the route going to Olonggapo)
1:00 pm - ETA Olonggapo
1:15 pm - ETD Olonggapo to San Antonio
1:50 pm - ETA San Antonio
2:00 pm - ETA San Antonio to Pundaquit (rented a tricycle)
2:45 pm - ETA Pundaquit (check-in time is 3:00pm at Wild Rose Inn)

We already made reservation for a 20-pax boat so we don't have to worry in getting someone to assist us. Kuya Rene gave us a package that includes Anawangin Cove, Capones and Camara. For Nagsasa Cove, an additional of 300php per head. If you need contacts, feel free to comment and I'll send you the details. 

That's my picture at the bay of Pundaquit. The place was really beautiful and I have no regret coming to a place like this. We call it a day when we arrived at Pundaquit. Of course, we were thankful that Kuya Rene took care of everything including our foods and other necessities. By the way, I noticed that there were not much convenient stores located at  Pundaquit so you may need to buy things/stuffs in San Antonio. 

So below are the pictures we took while we're on our boat.  We really enjoyed the scenery. I have to admit that these islands will never fail to excite me. 

The boat we rented is good for 20 heads.

I forgot what this structure was called but it's definitely lovely

After an hour ride at the boat, we finally arrived in Anawangin. Although, I have to admit that the first time I saw it was less populated. Now, I can see the stalls selling items, and a lot of campers! If I have to choose between Anawangin and Nagsasa, I will have to go for Nagsasa because it was less populated compared to Anawangin.
Whew!!! Lots of campers here. So technically, if you want a nice campsite near the beach... 
Be the first one to arrive!

We strolled around Anawangin to check the lake but unfortunately, there was no water, just a bunch of rocks scattered. I took a lot of pictures to make sure I have memories of this place.

At the right most part of the beach, you'll see this rock formation which was really awesome so I climbed and asked my friend to take a picture of me. We stayed here until 11:00 pm then Kuya Rene arrived taking us to Nagsasa Cove where we will have our lunch.

We rented a karaoke at Nagsasa cove.

We decided to stay in Nagsasa because it wasn't crowded compared to Anawangin. There were also convenient stores where you can buy foods, drinks, liquors, etc. Also, if nature calls, you'll see restrooms that you can use. Just make sure to bring tissue and wet wipes. The water here was so clear and very calm. So you can just sit in one corner and enjoy the salty water. 

Our last island was Capones, we decided not to go to Camara because our boat had a hard time approaching the Capones island. Most likely because it was already high tide that's why our boat can't come near the island. I suggest if you will come here make sure to schedule it in the morning. I noticed that there were lots of trash everywhere like rotten shoes, plastics, sandals & others stuffs in Capones. It was frustrating to see those trash but anyway, we took a hike for about 30 minutes going to the lighthouse. 

Wew!!! When then finally saw the old lighthouse, we were joking to each other about ghosts living in that abandoned lighthouse. One of the caretakers advised that we shouldn't joke about it since we wouldn't know the elements living in that lighthouse. We were extra careful in climbing the stairs not because of the ghost stories but the stairs were rusty and old so we climbed the stairs one at a time. I'm not usually afraid of heights but when I reached the top of the lighthouse, I was scared. Even if I felt that way, I still managed to take pictures of me and my friends at the tower emphasizing the beautiful surrounding. 

Left-to-Right: Karen Mabulay, Myra Kalaw & Carlos Muro at Capones Island.

I have to say that I'm lucky to meet these wonderful peeps in Solutions Engineering team. I had a wonderful experience from them. Hoping that this won't be the last.

Salamat kay Karen, Mhai, Drew, Irvin, Xoy & Jackie, Jed & Chame, and Sir Carlos!

 - Liz Lagasca -


  1. nice itinerary! great place to relax :))

    1. i forgot to ask about your contact @ anawangin?

  2. Our contact is Rene. Try reaching out these numbers:



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